Engineering: sediment / lakes / hydraulics

Our Realizations

Harbor and beach "Port-Plage des Eaux-Vives" in Geneva

We realize for the EDMS office and the canton of Geneva all hydraulic analyzes, currentology, and support for infrastructure design.
Project amount: 100 million CHF

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Sedimentation in Rossinière dam

We designed an economic solution of a canal built in the lake to remove further sedimentation.
Project amount: CHF 5 million

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Artificial flood for the alluvial dynamic of the river "Petite Sarine"

We support the operator and the canton of Fribourg in the planning, implementation and monitoring of artificial floods. The goal is to promote natural floodplain dynamics.
Project amount: 0.3 Mio CHF

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River restauration in Servion

We designed and realized the river restauration of the formerly channelled river. Located in the middle of an industrial area, the river has regained space and its ecological functions.
Project amount: 0.4 Mio CHF

Other engineering services

We carry out studies and modelling in many other areas related to water, energy, security and environment.

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