Wastewater tracking

How to develop your wastewater tracking system?


You define the the urban area to analyze. If possible, you provide us with historical data about the sewer system: storm overflow, treatment plant inflow, pipes, chambers, inhabitants and surface cover. This will provide our basis for calibration. More data equals better quality.

Real time data

We develop together the real-time data transfer for the forecast operation. Any data in real time that you can provide will translate to huge improvements in forecast quality. Most clients prefer FTP exchange, but many other options are available. We also provide our own additional hydro-meteorological information.

Data access

We provide many ways in which you will have password-protected access to the data: mobile / web maps / web graphics / files / sms and email alerts. We can customize all available options to your preferences.

Expert assessment

Every day, we analyze the numerical weather predictions. We choose the most probable prediction according to the general weather situation from multiple sources. We combine different models to provide our best guess, including the corresponding confidence interval.

Work with your forecast

You get your access to the forecasting information 10 days ahead, refreshed every hour. Easily share this info with your business stakeholders. You can also access the archives of our forecasts, as well as all the measured data from the past.

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