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Our history

e-dric.ch, which is Hydrique Ingénieurs since 2017, was founded in 2006 by two civil engineers, both passionate about water and energy domains. After achieving their PhD in hydraulics, Philippe Heller and Frédéric Jordan realized the high potential of a multi-disciplinary, systematic modelling approach to provide solutions to practical problems, from simple to very complex ones.

After 10 years, Hydrique Ingénieurs is now recognized as an expert in hydraulics, hydrology, real-time information systems and river basin management. The team is composed of specialists in civil engineering, environmental sciences as well as telecommunication and software engineering.

Our vision

At Hydrique Ingénieurs, we strongly believe in the power of models and numerical simulation to assess the actual situation before discussing complex problems. Moreover, with both our philosophy and experience, we have defeated the pre-established idea that modelling is expensive.

For these reasons:

- We provide information which is reliable, where assumptions are clearly defined and limited, obtained by numerical simulation.
- We think communication is of the greatest importance, and we commit to high quality standards for our results, reports and online information.
- We believe we must stay independent to fully satisfy all our clients' needs.

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Our services

Real-Time Flood and Hydropower Forecasting
Wastewater tracking
Engineering: sediment / lakes / hydraulics